Upgrading linkace without deleting data

Description of the Issue
I upgraded my linkace installation from 1.2.X to the latest verison. I have a more non-standard installation with an added proxy. I followed the steps outlined under “Upgrade a Docker installation” here LinkAce - Your self-hosted bookmark archive. Free and open source. and chose to run through the actions myself. I deleted the linkace app volume, not the database, nginx, or redis volumes. I then pulled the new image, restarted the containers, and ran the migrations. I was not sure which container “linkace_php_1” referred to as the names given in the docker-compose file are db, app, nginx, and redis. I figured it meant the app container so I ran the migration and cache clearing commands on the app container and the output looked like everything worked. I then visited my installation and tried to log in but my credentials where invalid. I set “SETUP_COMPLETED” to false in the .env file to recreate my user account, then tried to connect to the linkace database but then linkace told me "Caution! We found data in the database you specified! Please make sure that you have a backup of that database and confirm the deletion of all data. " I do not want to have to delete all my data and am unsure what I may have messed up along to the way.

Thank you for reporting this issue. Will have a look when I have time. Maybe something’s wrong with the current configuration.

Any update on this? I have not found a way to safely upgrade my instance or even downgrade it back to what it was before so I am still stuck not being able to access my instance without deleting the data. Is there a way perhaps that I can get a backup of my links from the terminal and then can re-import them on a new instance?

Could you check if the latest update script is working? I changed it in one of the recent versions.

Ah my docker installation has been modified a bit so can not really use it. I tried to manually just go into the database though and get a dump of the tables but I guess my links are already gone. That’s on me though, I should have made backups.

I’ll start fresh and create some cronjob scripts to create a simple export. Absolutely love the REST API feature by the way. Overall couldn’t ask for a better link archiving application!

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Thanks for the feedback! Glad you like the app!
Maybe you can get some useful information about the reset process from the script and apply it to your modifications. In the end: making database backups is the most easy way to quickly backup and restore everything. There is no other critical data stored elsewhere.