The release of LinkAce 1.0

More than a year ago I started working on LinkAce. My vision was to build my very own bookmark archive. I worked a lot on the application in the past months, added many new features and refined existing ones. A new website was launched and the documentation extended.

Today I finally announce the launch of LinkAce with its first stable version.

LinkAce 1.0 :partying_face:

Today I created the 1.0 release of LinkAce. The application is stable for months now, but some work needed to be done to make sure the project can be released to the public.

Here is a complete list of features included in the application:

Feature Highlights

Automated link monitoring
Links are checked regularly after you saved them. If a link is either not available or was moved, you will get a notification with details.

Automated backups of links
After saving a link the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive is automatically notified about the website. Once notified, the archive will backup the site for you so it stays available whatever happens.

Tags & lists
Tags can be added to links to categorize them without any strict hierarchy. Lists are meant to bundle several links together for one broader meaning. For example, the open-source tag categorized all links of open source projects and the macos tag categorizes links for neat macOS apps. A Open Source macOS Apps list may contain links to your favourite, open source macOS applications, while both used tags are not directly related to each other.

Guest mode & public access
You can enable public access of your LinkAce archive in the system settings. Public access, also called guest access, is an important setting regarding privacy and maybe also security. If turned on, guests will be able to

  • view all links that are not marked as private,
  • view all tags that are not marked as private, and
  • view all lists that are not marked as private.

Browser bookmarklet
Instead of installing the 20th browser extension, LinkAce offers a neat and simple bookmarklet. Once saved in your bookmarks, a click will open a special form to add the current open website of your browser to LinkAce.

LinkAce offers a dedicated REST API to access, create, update and delete links, tags, lists and notes. The API is accessible via an API key.

Advanced search
The search allows you to search through all your links and filter them by various data points, as well as ordering them by URL, creation date, and so on.

Light and dark theme
Dark mode is not only a trend, but a helpful and eye-protecting feature also available in LinkAce. You can switch between the light or dark theme or let the app set the theme automatically based on your operating system.

More features

  • Titles and descriptions are generated automatically once you saved a link in LinkAce.
  • Add unlimited notes to links to add thoughts, details, to dos or whatever you don’t want to put into the link description.
  • To make sharing as easy as possible, LinkAce prepares share links for a lot of different apps: email, Twitter, Whatsapp, Reddit,…
  • You can import existing bookmarks from your browser based on a standard HTML file. Or export all links saved in LinkAce to this standard format to be consumed by browsers or other applications.
  • The app can be backed up to Amazon AWS, including both the application files and the database.
  • Links, tags, lists or notes are not permanently deleted. A trash holds all “deleted” entries so nothing gets lost accidentally. You can restore all entries from the trash.
  • A lot of configuration options ensure that LinkAce fits your needs: timezone, time and date formats, defaults for link creation, and many more.

A word on Support :ambulance:

As written in the Readme of the project and on the website: I built LinkAce to solve my problem, and I now share my solution and code without charging anything. I spent a lot of my free time building this application already, so I won’t offer any free personal support, customization or installation help.

If you need prioritized support you can become a Patreon or Github Sponsor. :star:

LinkAce Hosting :gear:

In the following months I will work out a plan and develop the base for commercial hosting for LinkAce. When and how hosting will become available is something I will think about in the following months. If you are interested, drop me a line or sign up for the on the LinkAce website.

Please share your thoughts with me.

Happy bookmarking and stay healthy,
Kevin :blush:

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Congrats on the release, looks really good!

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