Release of LinkAce 1.1.0

Today LinkAce version 1.1.0 was released with the following changes:

Title and description are now searched by default

As requested by several users, LinkAce now searches inside titles and descriptions by default.

Adds new command to view 2FA recovery codes

If you ever lose access to LinkAce and can’t reset your password because 2 Factor Authentication is enabled, you might want to view your recovery codes. LinkAce now has a CLI command for this.

Improve accessibility of icons used in the UI

This release includes optimizations for the accessibility of al used icons.

Optimize performance of link checks and the Wayback Machine handling

To keep the used bandwith at a minimum, LinkAce performs the regular link checks by only requesting the header. Also, only http and https URLs are checked. The Wayback Machine handling uses the header method too.

Thanks to hnnweb for his contribution of these link check optimizations to LinkAce!

Updates for all dependencies

Security and regular updates of all dependent packages and libraries were applied.

Support for ARM and other platforms postponed

Due to limited support of the used by LinkAce, I was not able to create Docker images that support ARM or other platforms. Please visit the corresponding Github issue for more details: Issue #175