Problem Installation as Docker Container

Description of the Issue
Following the Documentation “Docker simple” by installing LinkAce and downloading the two necessary files .env and docker-compose.yml (as renamed files to use). I am getting the following error when running docker-compose up -d

ERROR: yaml.scanner.ScannerError: mapping values are not allowed here in “./docker-compose.yml”, line 137, column 65, which shows :

Any other ways by just running docker run -d --name LinkAce linkace/linkace ist getting the image and starting successful the container, but not sure which port I have to expose for being able to access the website.

I am running Armbian 21.08.3 buster with Kernel: 5.10.43-rockchip64 and Architecture: arm64.
The Docker version is: CE

  • version 20.10.9
  • API: 1.41

Thanks for any input.

Hi, could you share the contents of the Docker-compose file as a code block?

Hello Kovah,

can you please explain what format or design in “code block” is, so I can proper post the .env and docker-compose.yml file.

Thank you

You have a </> icon in the editor where you can insert text that is not formatted as regular text. Helps with code and configuration files.

Hello Kovah,

thanks for your quick reply. I have compared the .env and docker-compose.yml file. Both are almost identical. docker-compose.yml is 1548 lines long and contains lots of website code. is that correct?
the .env file is 1778 lines long. I prefer to ask again, before I paste that code of the docker-compose.yml file into this forums post.
I downloaded from the repository the docker-compose.production-simple.yml and the .env-docker-production, which I rename both as described in the setup guide “Setup with Docker (Simple) - LinkAce

trying to add the docker-compose.yml file I am exceeding the allow limit of characters.

Body is limited to 32000 characters; you entered 145357
I just added the section based on the error message line 137 highlighted column 65.

  <meta name="optimizely-datafile" content="{&quot;version&quot**;:** &quot;4&quot;, &quot;rollouts&quot;: [], &quot;typedAudiences&quot;: [], &quot;anonymizeIP&quot;: true, &quot;projectId&quot;: &quot;16737760170&quot;, &quot;variables&quot;: [], &quot;featureFlags&quot;: [], &quot;experiments&quot;: [{&quot;status&quot;:

I think there’s something really really messed up with the files you downloaded. Is it possible that you downloaded some HTML file? The docker-compose.production-simple file has 1045 characters, not 150 000. :flushed:

Here is a link to the raw file:

If you open this file you should see this content:

thanks for your reply and the screenshot. indeed I was surprised seeing all that html code in a docker-compose.yml file (but I am also new to this topic).

Quick summary of my steps.

If I click on the docker-compose.production-simple.yml in the repository I see the correct file (do not know why I have not done that, duh).

thank again I will give it another try and provide a short feedback.

and when getting the files in the correct way it works. Thank you very much for your help.
Such a rookie mistake I made :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Glad this you solved it. :blush: