Not working on Qnap with Docker!?

I followed the simple Docker installation guide to the letter using:

  • an unmodified docker-compose.yml
  • .env file with only changed db / redis pwd values and (chmod 666 set)


After i start the stack i see the DB container log : :disappointed_relieved:

2022-01-05 17:52:47+00:00 [Note] [Entrypoint]: Entrypoint script for MariaDB Server 1:10.5.13+maria~focal started.
2022-01-05 17:52:47+00:00 [Note] [Entrypoint]: Switching to dedicated user 'mysql'
error: exec: "/usr/local/bin/": stat /usr/local/bin/ permission denied

the linkace_db_1 is also constaly restarting!


when i run the cmd to generate the key is see : :no_mouth:

docker exec linkace_app_1 php artisan key:generate
*     Application In Production!     *

 Do you really wish to run this command? (yes/no) [no]:
 > Command Canceled!

It’s selecting [no] for me, without an option to click yes!

linkace_app_1 container is running fine, but is trowing a http 500 error, i assume because the database is not availible?!

Little bit stuck now, any help how to solve / approach this would be welcome!