Mass Change for Imported Bookmarks

I just imported my bookmarks from Chrome. Now I kind of have a mess and need to clean up a lot of the bookmark tags and lists. Is there anyway to do mass changes to imported bookmarks? Can I export and fix bookmarks in a text editor? I see an option to export to csv, can I also import from csv?

If I export, clean up the bookmarks and then re-import, how can I delete existing bookmarks to avoid duplicates?

Thanks for the help.


it’s always a mess when browsers do not adhere to standards, so expecially tags can be messed up quite fast. I could add an option to disable tags when importing. CSV and other file formats are planned, but only for the far future.
There is no mass-editing and also no mass-deleting. Y’ou would have to clean the database on your own. The tables links, lists, tags, link_lists and link_tags need to be cleaned.