Issues with LinkAce on Portainer with NPM

Hey. I’ve Portrainer, NginxProxyManager and LinkAce installed on a Ubuntu VPS server. The LinkAce container has the local IP When I add the information to NPM and choose go to NPM automatically adds “80” to the URL, so that the URL looks like This breaks the container and I am not able to log in.

With other containers such as Monica who runs at, it does not add the “80” to the URL. The settings for the two reverse proxies in NPM looks identical, so I am not sure what is wrong here. Considering I only have the issue with LinkAce, I assume it may have something to do with the LinkAce container. Any ideas?

Is NginxProxyManager correctly configured to pass the correct values to LinkAce?

Downgrading NgingxProxyManager to the previous version seemed to do the trick. Might be an issue with NPM.

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