Installation; Question

I fail to install LinkAce in the version (Setup with Docker: Simple) when I change the passwords for DB_PASSWORD and REDIS_PASSWORD in .env as intended. I cannot complete the installation after that.

Where do I have a thought error?

What is the issue you encounter?

When I change the passwords, I cannot complete the installation.

Yes, but how? Is there some error? What happens?

Sorry for the late reply!

When I first call the URL to set up after the command docker-compose up -d, I get a 500 - Server Error. But I get this only if I have changed the password in the .env - file as prescribed. If I leave the passwords on “ChangeThisToASecurePassword!” I can finish the installation normally.

I noticed something else!

After installing: Setup with Docker: Advanced (I did NOT change the passwords in the process), I was able to install normally and set up the system. Also the import of LinkAce exports succeeded. I saved all of this.

But when I stop the containers with docker-compose down and then start again, the database “linkace” but no tables are left.

So that I could control this, I included with in the file docker-compose.yml additionally the Adminer.

        image: adminer:latest
          - 12322:8080

Regarding the docker-compose down: this command is specifically for deleting containers, which might result in data loss. Please only use docker-compose stop to stop containers.

Learned something again. thank you.

What am I doing wrong when changing passwords?

I have no idea. Did the passwords contain quotes in some way? That could be the issue.