Feedback: import of bookmarks from Opera

LinkAce is running following the Docker simple installation (with the correct docker-compose.yml und .env file :smirk:).
next I created a couple of bookmarks and it is very handy with the title and notes section. for the titles to help when searching and the notes for instructions especially bookmarked “how-Tos”.


  • I had an export from my bookmarks from Opera as HTML file and first I opened that in a plain text editor to look through and weed out old and irrelevant bookmarks.
  • next I did the import and walked away and let it do its magic.
  • after I watched the movie I got back and had 247 bookmarks successful imported.

:clap:Excellent Job to Kovah for that that app. :clap:

Next I have to

  • define the Lists and Tags,
  • do more post-installation like cronjob for backup

my daily computer is:

  • Operating System: EndeavourOS
    Kernel: Linux 5.14.14-arch1-1
    Architecture: x86-64
  • Hardware Vendor: Schenker Technologies GmbH
    Hardware Model: XMG FUSION 15

my docker server is:

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This sounds great, thank you for the feedback! Glad the bookmark import worked well for you.

here is another update to my feedback.
Yesterday I was working on my imported 247 bookmarks, from which I still deleted about 20. Now a common situation is on how to organize your data (files, folders, bookmarks). I assigned bookmarks to different tags to remove the amount of tags I had to make it more lean. still I will tweak on that.

Another cool set of information I discovered is when saving a youtube video URL. This already happened to me twice. When hitting Add I am getting the message that “LinkAce found possible duplicates of the submitted URL:” With the attached screenshot I estimate it is about 90+.

Hi, yeah the issue with YouTube links was already reported. (See #298).
I have to think about a viable solution to mitigate this issue.

Hi, actually I do not see it as an issue, because the Link I need is being stored in LinkAce.

I am also start using the notes more and more for documentation purposes. What steps I did or had to do.