Connection reset by peer

My current docker setup uses separate compose files in their own directories on an ubuntu server. I am using jwilder/nginx with docker-gen and letsencrypt running to automatically create ssl certs and proxy several containers (all working as expected). I added linkace to the mix and the container gets created, as does the certificate, but the app is not reachable. I get a bad gateway error, and looking at the logs found the the app is rejecting connections “connection reset by peer”. Even using curl to localhost:9000 gives me the same error so I do not think it’s the proxy setup. What could be wrong?

Please notice that I do not support any not-standard Docker setups.

A few notices to what you wrote:

  • Your nginx needs access to the files from Linkace, which is doable via volumes.
  • Your nginx needs the nginx configuration shipped with Linkace.
  • Linkace needs to be accessed via your nginx, not via the Linkace container (so localhost:9000 won’t do anything).